CCF International Conference on Service Science (CCF ICSS) is an annual academic event initiated by IBM and directed by the Advisory and Steering Committee on Serviceology in China, and is also one of the top events of service science community in China. ICSS features a unique mix of academic, industrial, and cross-discipline topics, and provides a platform for the presentation and exchange of research results and practical experiences as well as education development on serviceology. ICSS also aims at bridging the perspectives of researchers and the needs of practitioners. The speakers in the conference include many of the leading service science experts from both academia and service industries around the world.

The previous fourteen ICSS events were successfully held at Beijing (2008 and 2009), Hangzhou (2010), Taipei (2011), Shanghai (2012), Shenzhen (2013), Wuxi (2014), Weihai (2015), Chongqing (2016), Xiamen (2017), Shanghai (2018), Tianjin (2019),Xining (2020, online),and Xi'an(2021). Over 120 experts around the world attended each of the ICSS conferences. Following this trend, ICSS 2022 will be held in Zhuhai, which is a coastal city in Guangdong Province and adjacent to capitalist Macau. Zhuhai is also one of China's prettiest, cleanest, greenest cities with a beautiful coastline and wavy palm trees, as well as being voted China's most livable city and attracting millions of tourists every year all over the world.

The CCF 15th International Conference on Service Science (CCF ICSS 2022) aims to bring together scholars and students, researchers and managers of serviceology related areas and industries for intellectual exchanges, research cooperation, education and professional development. CCF ICSS 2022 will offer keynote speeches and several research topics, for inviting presentations of theoretical research findings and case study in service science and its related fields, and also offers excellent networking opportunities to participants, with a wonderful taste of local culture and scenery in Zhuhai.

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